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    New Sheepskin Scroll (NSS) is an item that allows the character to dig up valuable items on the Treasure Isle for a fee of 2500 gold. It is one of the ways of earning, available to new players.

    Where to get New Sheepskin Scroll

    New Sheepskin Scroll can be obtained in the process of fish butchering, obtained as daily reward, obtained by killing many different monsters below level 41, living on three continents.

    Popular places to farm NSS

    Abandoned Mine - Ascaron (1903,2807). NSS drops from all monsters living here: Lv31 Vampire bat, Lv35 Miner Mole, Lv36 Mud Monster, Lv38 Ninja Mole.

    Rockery Haven - Ascaron (1620,3010). NSS drops from Lv20 Smuggler.

    Andes Forest - Ascaron (910,2970). NSS drops from Lv30 Mad Boar.

    Valhalla - Ascaron (1355, 2680). NSS drops from Lv32 White Owlie and Lv31 Grassland Elk.

    Valhalla - Ascaron (1500, 2700). NSS drops from Lv25 Meadow Deer.

    Valhalla - Ascaron (1130, 2700). NSS drops from Lv33 Grassland Wolf.

    Icicle Castle - Deep Blue (1450, 560). NSS drops from Lv30 Combat Piglet.

    How to use New Sheepskin Scroll

    When opening NSS, character is given a Caribbean Treasure Map

    Any character of level 15 and above can use New Sheepskin Scroll. There is no upper level limit. By double-clicking on the New Sheepskin Scroll, character receives a map of the Caribbean Treasures. There can only be one Caribbean Treasure map in your inventory at a time, which cannot be transferred to another character in any way. All diggings of NSS take place on Treasure Isle, which can be reached from the port of Shaitan by ship.

    To get to Treasure Isle without a ship, you need to buy a Caribbean Tour Ticket for gold from NPC Baby in Argent (2201,2777).

    When using Caribbean treasure map, the coordinates of the point where the treasure is buried are displayed in the system chat. At the moment of digging up the treasure, 2500 gold is taken from the character.

    To get to Treasure Island without a ship, you need to buy a Caribbean Tour Ticket for gold from NPC Baby in Argent (2201,2777).

    Once on the island, for convenience, you can place a Caribbean treasure map on the hotbar (for example, the F1 key). When the player presses this key (or double-clicks on the treasure map in the inventory), the character automatically starts moving towards the buried treasure. You do not need to enter coordinates manually. When the character gets to the place, the player must again press the key with the card. The character will dig up the treasure and the map will disappear. Now you can open the next NSS and get the next map. At the moment of digging up the treasure, 2500 gold is taken from the character.

    Elizabeth is Treasure Isle ticket seller

    NPC ticket seller on Treasure Isle

    On the Treasure Isle at (477,1048) there is NPC Elizabeth, from which you can buy tickets to the cities, or sell unnecessary dug up items without leaving the isle.

    What can be dug out of New Sheepskin Scroll

    When digging NSS, it is impossible to get gold and it is impossible to be teleported to a random place. Drop amplifiers do not affect the rate of getting items from NSS. Treasures from NSS can be divided into several categories.


    Drop rate: 3%

    The character will be immobilized for a while.

    Summon Monster

    Drop rate: 7%

    A monster will appear next to the character. A weak monster can be killed immediately, and a strong monster can be run away.

    Usual treasure

    Item Drop rate
    Equipment Summon Scroll Lv35 3,04%
    Equipment Summon Scroll Lv40 3,74%
    Equipment Summon Scroll Lv45 6,46%
    Equipment Summon Scroll Lv50 12,16%
    Equipment Summon Scroll Lv55 17,28%
    Equipment Summon Scroll Lv60 19,83%
    Elixir of Lion 0,7182%
    Elixir of Monkey 0,7182%
    Elixir of Bull 0,7182%
    Elixir of Eagle 0,7182%
    Elixir of Soul 0,7182%
    Elven Fruit Juice 0,7182%
    Red Date Tea 0,7182%
    Stramonium Fruit Juice 0,7182%
    Ice Cream 0,7182%
    Rainbow Fruit Juice 0,7182%
    Special Ointment 0,7182%
    Snowy Soft Bud 0,7182%
    Mystery Fruit 0,7182%
    Agrypnotic 0,7182%
    Magical Potion 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Thundoria Castle 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Thundoria Harbor 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Sacred Snow Mountain 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Andes Forest Haven 0,7182%
    2x Ticket Oasis Haven 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Icespire Haven 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Lone Tower 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Barren Cavern 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Abandoned Mine 2 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Silver Mine 2 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Silver Mine 3 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Lone Tower 2 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Lone Tower 3 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Lone Tower 4 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Lone Tower 5 0,7182%
    2x Ticket to Lone Tower 6 0,7182%
    Voodoo Doll 0,7182%

    Rare Treasure

    Item Drop rate
    Fiery Gem 0,1215%
    Furious Gem 0,1215%
    Explosive Gem 0,1215%
    Lustrious Gem 0,1215%
    Glowing Gem 0,1215%
    Shining Gem 0,1215%
    Shadow Gem 0,1215%
    Refining gem 0,1215%
    Spirit gem 0,1215%
    Goddess's Favor 0,1215%
    3x Encrypted Blueprint 0,1215%
    Old Sheepskin Scroll 0,1215%
    3x Book of reputation (100) 0,1215%
    Dusty Chest of Crusader 0,10125%
    Dusty Chest of Champion 0,10125%
    Dusty Chest of Sharpshooter 0,10125%
    Dusty Chest of Cleric 0,10125%
    Dusty Chest of Seal Master 0,10125%
    Dusty Chest of Voyager 0,10125%
    Strengthening Scroll 0,0405%
    Fel Runestone 0,081%
    Heavens Berry 0,0405%
    5x Inert Dust 0,081%
    2x Shard Broken gem of soul 0,162%
    2x Shard Broken gem of rage 0,162%
    2x Shard Broken gem of colossus 0,162%
    2x Shard Broken gem of striking 0,162%
    2x Shard Broken gem of the wind 0,162%
    2x Shard Cracked gem of soul 0,162%
    2x Shard Cracked gem of rage 0,162%
    2x Shard Cracked gem of colossus 0,162%
    2x Shard Cracked gem of striking 0,162%
    2x Shard Cracked gem of the wind 0,162%

    Unique Treasure

    Item Drop rate
    Shard Chipped gem of soul 0,009%
    Shard Chipped gem of rage 0,009%
    Shard Chipped gem of colossus 0,009%
    Shard Chipped gem of striking 0,009%
    Shard Chipped gem of the wind 0,009%
    Broken gem of the wind 0,036%
    Broken gem of striking 0,036%
    Broken gem of colossus 0,036%
    Broken gem of rage 0,036%
    Broken gem of soul 0,036%
    Cracked gem of the wind 0,036%
    Cracked gem of striking 0,036%
    Cracked gem of colossus 0,036%
    Cracked gem of rage 0,036%
    Cracked gem of soul 0,036%
    Book of reputation (1.000) 0,036%
    Book of reputation (10.000) 0,009%

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