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    Snow War (SW) is one of the main PvP mazes in Tales of Pirates Online. There are special chaos mechanics on the map. In Snow War, players can battle each other alone or as members of guilds for a chance to earn valuable rewards. Possible Snow War trophies: shards of unique gems (+5), shards of black dragon (BD) gems, chaos pacts, unique potions, chaos blessing needed for upgrading unseal boots and gloves from Lv 55 to Lv 65, as well as valor points (from boss). It is impossible to enter the Snow War portal if the character is connected via "off. stall" channel. "Switch character" button is not available in Snow War.

    How to get into Snow War

    The portal leading to Snow War is located in Shaitan City (797,3644).

    The portal to enter Snow War is opened for 30 minutes. The Snow War map itself lasts 55 minutes.

    Character level: from 61 and above

    Opening time (server time UTC +3): 21:00

    Map of Snow War

    Файл:Snow 01.jpg

    Snow War Mechanics

    Snow War is different from the most other mazes, but has similar to Chaos mechanics. Snow War is also redesigned compared to the official versions of Tales of Pirates Online.

    Character Mechanics

    • Inside Snow War there is a damage cut: characters deal less damage.
    • Some character skills work differently. For example, it is impossible to use the skill of herbalists "Revival". And skill of voyagers "Conch ray" has a chance to stun the enemy, etc. More details can be found in the skill descriptions in the guides for the corresponding classes.
    • Unlike Chaos, characters can enter Snow War being in party, and also can create party in Snow War.
    • After death, the character is immediately revived at the spawn point.


    In the Snow War, there is a division of monsters and chests into colors, similar to Chaos. The drop is identical to the drop in Chaos. Monsters (except for the BD wave) of all types appear in SW: red, green, purple and blue. There is also a black version, due to the fact that monsters will only drop a fragment of the same color as the killed monster. For example, if you killed the Red Phyllis Swordsman, then you can only get a red crystal. Purple chests and Blue monsters (with the exception of BD wave) can only be killed by magic classes, since these monsters have greatly increased PR and def.


    Snow War has 9 waves. Waves are launched the moment the first player enters Snow War. The wave lasts 5 minutes. At the end of the wave, the surviving monsters disappear and the next wave appears.

    • 1st wave. In each city, 4 chests of 2 types out of 4 possible appear:
      • Green
      • Purple (magic atk)
      • Red
      • Purple
    • 2nd wave. By analogy with the 1st wave, 4 chests of 2 types out of 4 possible, and weak monsters appear in each city.
    • 3rd wave. Medium monsters.
    • 4th wave. 4 chests of all 4 types appear in each city.
    • 5th wave. Strong monsters (ex NG wave)
    • 6th and 7th waves.BD waves.
    • 8th and 9th waves. If there are exactly 10 players or less, then the boss of the snow war appears. If there are more than 10 players, then the BD waves continue.

    The color of each subsequent BD wave is not similar to the previous ones. That is, if there are always more than 10 players, then you will be able to fight with BD monsters of all 4 colors. In addition, in each subsequent BD wave of monsters there will be more and more monsters.

    Boss of Snow War: Lv85 Eternal Medusa


    The boss is a dangerous opponent with many nasty skills. The boss moves very slowly and has a low attack speed, but deals significant magic damage.

    The last survivor

    At the 55th minute, depending on the number of living players remaining in Snow War, rewards are given. If there are two or more living players left, then no one receives a reward. If there is only one living player left, then character receives Chaos chest, by opening which you can get valuable items.

    Events of Snow War

    Depending on the day of the week, an event occurs in Snow War that changes the mechanics of the map.


    Damage reduction increased from 75% to 85%.


    At 20:35, when the portal to Snow War closes, all players who are inside Snow War are moved to a random point on the map.


    All types of F1136.png flash bombs don't work in Snow War.


    All types of Q0033.png potions that grant temporary invulnerability don't work in Snow War.


    During each wave, up to 5 shrubs appear on the map, for killing which the character receives for 3 minutes various positive effects, most of which are similar to effects from cooking and potions .

    • Orange shrub: effect of lv2 battle potion, effect of lv2 berserk potion, effect of lv10 tornado funnel.
    • Red shrub: BBQ Shark Fin effect (Lv10 cooking for HP).
    • Withered shrub: effect of Stealth skill of crusader.
    • Blue shrub: weightless potion effect.
    • Purple shrub: Tiger Bone Tonic effect (Lv6 wine for SP), Lv2 Energy potion.


    Standard Snow War.


    Standard Snow War.

    Loot from Snow War

    The loot from Snow War is the same as the loot from Chaos.


    Shards of unique gems (+5) and particles of black dragon gems (BD) can be dropped from monsters and Chaos chests. Shards and particles can be exchanged for full-fledged gems from NPC Chaos Administrator in Icicle Castle (1374,529). Exchange details in Gems guide.

    Chaos potions

    From Chaos ans Snow War chests players can get unique Chaos Potions. ATTENTION! Potion drop in Snow War is temporarily disabled! Potions can only be obtained in Chaos!

    Item Effect Duration Effect remains after death
    Файл:S20066.png Flaming potion When used, burns 1% HP every second. Reduces the Hit Rate by 50. Increases attack speed by 150 and damage by 150. Prevents from using the other chaos potions for 1 minute. 30 sec No
    Файл:S20067.png Unbreakable Potion When used, adds 1000 Defense. Prevents from using the other chaos potions for 1 minute. 15 sec
    Файл:S20068.png Potion of Magical Overload (temporarily unavailable) When used, adds 100 Spirit, adds 100 SP recovery. At the moment of use, as well as after the end of the action, it burns all the character’s SP. Prevents from using the other chaos potions for 1 minute. The potion is currently unobtainable in the game. 30 sec
    Файл:S20069.png Rejuvenating Potion When used, the character briefly loses the ability to move and use items and skills, and also becomes immune to damage and skills. At the end of the potion's effect, the character will completely restore HP and SP, then, for the next 3 seconds, the character will be under the effect of a blessing potion. Prevents from using the other chaos potions for 5 minutes. The potion cannot be used if negative effects that prohibit the use of skills applied to the character. 3+2 sec

    Chaos pacts

    Chaos pacts can be obtained by killing Chaos ans Snow War chests. ATTENTION! Pacts drop in Snow War is temporarily disabled! Pacts can only be obtained in Chaos! When using the pact, 500k gold is taken from the character, and the character receives a long-term effect for 24 hours, which does not disappear upon death or re-entering the game. The character can use any other pact, replacing the current one and updating the time. If the pact has expired and a new one has not been used, the character receives a negative effect, also for 24 hours. The negative effect can be interrupted earlier by using a pact.

    Pact Effect
    Файл:S20070.png Red pact +3% attack; +7% attack speed
    Файл:S20071.png Green pact +10% HP (5% HP for Champions)
    Файл:S20072.png Blue pact +5% Spirit
    Файл:S20073.png Purple pact +7% movement speed
    Negative effect -5% attack; -10% HP; -30% SP
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