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    There are 4 races and 6 main classes in Tales of Pirates.


    The race of the character determines what class the player can get. Ami have a slight advantage over other races due to a wider selection of hats with useful stats. Otherwise, there is no difference between races.

    Lance Phyllis Ami Carsise
    File:Race 02.jpg File:Race 01.jpg File:Race 04f.jpg File:Race 03.jpg


    There are first and second classes in the game. After reaching level 10 the player can complete Quest to get one of the 4 first classes. The first classes are temporary and set the initial vector of character progression. The first class determines which second class the player can get. Upon reaching level 40, a quest for obtaining one of the 6 second classes becomes available. The second classes are the main and open access to new combat skills, allow you to wear better equip and determine the rate of growth of stats. Going forward, the player will have the ability to change class within a race.

    Classes tree

    First class Second class Available for race Role in the game Basic Damage
    Swordsman Champion Carsise Tank Physical
    Crusader Lance, Phyliss Damage dealer
    Hunter Sharpshooter Lance, Phyliss Damage dealer/Support
    Explorer Voyager Lance, Phyliss, Ami Damage dealer/Tank Magical
    Herbalist Cleric Phyliss, Ami Damage dealer/Support
    Seal Master Phyliss, Ami Support/Tank

    Short description

    You can learn more about each class by going to the page for that class.


    File:Race 05.jpg

    Crusader deals physical damage with melee auto attacks. Classic damage dealer and carry. Can carry both two one-handed swords, and a sword + shield.


    + Highest attack speed and dodge.

    + With the progression of the server and the character himself, the strength of the crusader grows more and more.

    + Strong set of core skills:

    • Illusion Slash that deals very high damage from a distance, has a fast cooldown
    • Stealth, allowing you to move in invisibility
    • Stun that immobilizes the enemy for a long time


    - Despite the high HP and defense gains, it is still quite a "thin" class compared to others.

    - A very popular class, which is why the equipment and gems for the Crusader are usually more expensive than for other classes.

    - In order to start showing good results in pk, farming and leveling, you first need at least some investments in equipment and character.


    File:Race 09.jpg

    The champion deals physical damage with close range auto attacks. Classic tank. Carries a large two-handed sword.


    + The highest increase in HP and defense among all classes, most skills are focused on increasing survival.

    + In the initial stages, during pk and bossing, he provides indispensable help to his guild, absorbing enemy damage.

    + With the progression of the server and the character itself, it becomes much stronger, acquiring, in addition to huge survivability, also huge damage that is not inferior or even superior to other classes.


    - At the beginning it is difficult for the Champion to level up and farm alone, he is dependent on the guild, not suitable for solo play.

    - Has very weak target control skills.

    - In the initial stages, it often plays the role of a "punching bag", and in order to start showing good results in pk, leveling and farm, it requires very large investments in equipment and character.


    File:Race 08.jpg

    Sharpshooter deals physical damage with auto attacks from distance. Depending on the progress of the character, it can be both a damage dealer and a support. Can carry both a gun and a bow.


    + Longest attack range and fastest movement speed of any class.

    + With a bow sharpshooter can deal damage from a long distance, and with a gun it has very good control: it can seal the enemy, weakening him, due to which he is indispensable on bosses and in pk even with poor equipment.

    + Usually, equipment and gems for a Sharpshooter are not very expensive, and even with an average character and equip, SS becomes quite good at farming, leveling up and in pk.


    - The lowest increase in HP and defense among all classes.

    - Due to low survivability, it is often dependent on the guild.

    - To go from a support to a carry requires an average investment in equipment.


    File:Race 06.jpg

    Voyager deals magic damage from skills on land. It is both a damage dealer and a tank at the same time. One of the best classes for new players. Very strong in the early stages of the server.


    + From the very start, he is good at leveling, in pk and bossing, even without strong equipment.

    + It has good mass damage even with the progression of the character in the direction of survival.

    + The only class with naval skills for use on ship, making it indispensable for naval farming, naval pk in FC and DS, killing sea bosses.


    - Requires wearing corals to use skills.

    - Not very good at farming land monsters.


    File:Race 10.jpg

    Cleric deals magic damage from skills, and can also buff allied characters, remove enemy debuffs, heal and revive. Cleric is both a damage dealer and a support at the same time. One of the best classes for new players.


    + From the very start, good at leveling and farming (due to AoE damage to monsters), in pk and when killing bosses, even without strong equipment.

    + By increasing only one stat (spirit), Cleric increases both damage and survivability (with the "Energy Shield" skill turned on, the damage reduces not HP, but SP), and the power of healing allies.

    + It is the best buffer, especially for classes with physical damage.


    - Although survivable at the expense of mana, it still requires increased defense and physical resistance.

    - When sealed by an enemy sharpshooter or seal master, it becomes completely useless for a while due to the inability to use skills.

    Seal Master

    File:Race 07.jpg

    Seal Master is usually a survivability boost first, so she has little damage, acting as a support player for the rest of the players. Can buff allied characters, remove enemy debuffs, and revive.


    + Has some of the best skills for weakening enemies and bosses, due to which it is indispensable on bosses and in pk, even with poor equip.

    + With increased survivability, it can act as a tank frontline initiator

    + One of the most unpopular classes, due to which equipment for a seal masters is usually quite cheap


    - With not the strongest equipment of the character, you have to sacrifice something: either damage or survivability.

    - Dependent on the guild.

    What race and class to choose

    There is no one best class in Thales of Pirates. All six classes have both pros and cons. During pk battles in mazes or when killing bosses, teamwork comes to the fore, where different classes complement each other. Each player chooses race and class on his own. New players are encouraged to try all six classes in turn, starting with the simplest: Voyager or Cleric. Over time, the player will be able to decide which play style is closer to him: a carry or a support, a tank or a damage dealer, a lone wolf or a team player. When joining a guild, you can check with the guild leadership which classes are most needed right now and make a decision based on that. It's worth remembering that a player can change class within a race at any time.

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