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    In the upper left corner of the screen, above the character's HP bar, the amount of experience is displayed

    Character leveling in Tales of Pirates is done by accumulating experience (Exp). When the experience bar reaches 100%, the character levels up. As the level increases, the character becomes stronger: basic characteristics, increase, stat and skill points are added, and it becomes possible to wear equipment of a higher level.

    • Server Exp rates by default: 7x
    • Max character level currently: 80

    There is an alternative way to level up - the quest Hexathlon.

    Gaining experience and cutting experience

    The amount of experience (Exp) in the stats tab (Alt+A)

    Experience is gained by killing monsters. A character gains full experience for killing a monster if:

    • The character is no more than 5 levels above than the monster
    • The character is no more than 9 levels below than the monster
    • The character kills monsters alone or in a party of up to two players

    For example, a level 40 character will receive full experience for killing monsters from level 35 to level 49 inclusive. If the difference between the level of the character and the level of the monster is too large, or the character kills monsters in a party of 3-5 players, then cutting occurs: the character receives only a part of the possible experience. Based on this, it is beneficial to level up characters in a party of two characters, looking for monsters of approximately the same level as the characters.

    The current amount of accumulated experience can be checked by moving the cursor in the upper left corner of the screen 5 circles, above the character's HP bar. Also, experience can be checked in the "Exp" line in the stats tab, which opens by pressing the Alt+A combination.

    Experience in party

    In order for all party members to gain experience for killing monsters, they must be in close proximity to both monsters and each other. If one or more party members stopped gaining experience, you need to move ALL characters in the party closer to each other.

    Where to level up

    Each Tales of Pirates player can independently find the most comfortable places for him to level up his stats. The list below is only a recommendation, one of the possible options:

    • Lv 1-5: Lv1 Mystic Shrub and Lv3 Forest Spirit (Outskirts of Argent: 2137,2766)
    • Lv 5-10: Lv5 Mini Bee (outskirts of Argent: 2084,2764)

    At level 10, you need to complete first class quest.

    • Lv 10-15: Lv12 Bear Cub (Abandoned mine: 1934,2841)
    • Lv 15-20: Lv17 Angelic Panda (Abandoned mine: 1699,2589) / Lv19 Killer Shroom (Abandoned mine: 1593,2680)
    • Lv 20-25: Lv20 Smuggler (Rockery haven: 1593,3031)
    • Lv 25-30: Lv27 Rookie Boxeroo (Andes forest: 1060,2925)
    • Lv 30-35: Lv30 Mad Boar (Andes forest: 916,2970)
    • Lv 35-40: Lv35 Miner Mole и Lv36 Mud Monster (Abandoned mine: 1901,2711)

    At level 40, you need to complete second class quest.

    • Lv 40-45: Lv41 Jack the pirates fighter and Lv45 Jack the pirates militia (Canary isle)
    • Lv 45-53: Lv48 Treant (Chaldea haven: 809,1970)
    • Lv 53-55: Lv55 Guardian Angel (Outskirts of Thundoria: 867,1277) / Lv51 Sturdy Rock Golem and Lv51 Frenzied Wolf (Zephyr isle)
    • Lv 55-62: Lv57 Northern Pirate Fighter, Lv57 Northern Pirate Sailor and Lv58 Northern Pirate Militia (Isle of Chill)
    • Lv 62-69: Lv64 Treant Terror, Lv64 Chimera (Solace Haven: 617,2412) / Lv67 Beardy Pirate Fighter, Lv67 Beardy Pirate Sailor и Lv68 Beardy Pirate Militia (Isle of Fortune)
    • Lv 69-72: Lv67 Beardy Pirate Fighter, Lv67 Beardy Pirate Sailor и Lv68 Beardy Pirate Militia (Isle of Fortune)
    • Lv 72-75: Lv71 Elite Lizardman Warrior, Lv72 Evil Tribal Warrior, Lv77 Frantic Lizardman (Summer Isle)
    • Lv 75+: Thundoria Mirage (the portal is located in the Chaldea Haven (600,2106)) or Shaitan Mirage (the portal is located in the Babul Haven (1244,3203)). Mirages are open 24/7 and do not require any items to enter.

    Experience amplifiers

    Item Effect Duration Requirements
    File:N1198.png Mini Amplifier of Strive 2x (200%) Exp Depending on the level of the character: from 1 min 20 sec at lvl 5 to 4 min 15 sec at lvl 40 Character level: 1-40
    File:Lots 02 HB.png Heavens berry 2x (200%) Exp 15 min Any level
    File:N1396.png Amplifier of Strive 2x (200%) Exp 30 min Any level
    File:T3095.png Hi-Amplifier of Strive 2.5x (250%) Exp 30 min Character Level: 60+ Chance to get Lucky Strike: gain 10x (1000%) experience for killing a monster.
    File:t5767.png 3x Amplifier of Strive 3x (300%) Exp 30 min Character Level: 70+ Chance to get Lucky Strike: gain 10x (1000%) experience for killing a monster.
    File:T849.png Party EXP fruit 1.5x (150%) Exp for all party members 15 min Any level. Applied by the party leader. Affects all party members. Can be used simultaneously with any other amplifier, while the effects are cumulative.
    File:T bell.png Ringing of the Golden Roger Adds +0.5x to current server drop rates and exp rates. 1 hour Any level of character. To turn bell on, you need to press the bell button on the minimap, and 750 IMPs will be written off from your account. Only one bell per server can be used at a time. Valid for all server players. All players see the notification about the usage of the bell.
    To turn Ringing of the Golden Roger on, you need to press the bell button on the minimap
    • With a mentor, a disciple character gets 1x Mini Amplifier of Strive in temporary bag every 5 levels, from 5th to 35th.
    • Heavens berry, Amplifier of Strive, Party EXP fruit, Hi-Amplifier of Strive and 3x Amplifier of Strive can be bought in item mall as for IMPs, so for reputation points.
    • Ringing of the Golden Roger is activated by pressing the bell button on the minimap, and 750 IMPs will be written off from your account.
    • 1x Heavens berry received by all characters when opening the Newbie Chest at Lv 20.
    • Heavens berry can be dug out of NSS or OSS.
    • The character can get the effect of the Heaven berry when used fortune lots.
    • Heavens berry or Amplifier of Strive can be obtained as daily reward.
    • Heavens berry, Amplifier of Strive, Hi-Amplifier of Strive and 3x Amplifier of Strive can be produced by manufacturing.
    • 1x is given as a reward for completing "Challenge Genesis" quest.
    • From 1 to 5 Amplifiers of Strive is given as a reward for completing Vampiric Aries Palace (Horoscope) quest.


    Hourglass is an item that gives the character bonuses: x2 experience for killing monsters and +2 to drop multiplier. Hourglass effects don't stack with all other exp and drop bonuses.

    Where to get an hourglass

    Level 40+ character can take Hourglass 1 time per day for free from Baby in Argent (2202,2776). Hourglass is valid for 60 minutes and is active when the item is in the 1st inventory cell. The effect of Hourglass can be stopped by dragging Hourglass to another cell. After 60 minutes, Hourglass will automatically be removed. If Hourglass is left over from the previous day, the character can still take new Hourglass as soon as he runs out of the old ones or gets rid of them.

    Premium status

    When premium status is activated, then character gets Exp bonus depending on the level of premium status. The effect of premium status stacks with all other experience amplifiers.

    Level IMPs purchased Exp bonus
    Lv 1 0 + 10%
    Lv 2 10 000+ + 15%
    Lv 3 35 000+ + 20%
    Lv 4 100 000+ + 25%
    Lv 5 250 000+ + 30%
    Lv 6 500 000+ + 35%

    Fairy body (possession)

    If the character has 2nd gen fairy pet and turned on "Fairy body" (possession), character gains "[fairy pet level] * 2%" more Exp. The effect from "Fairy body" stacks with all other Exp amplifiers.

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