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    Basic equipment of character consists of armor (torso), gloves, boots, hat and weapons. The equipment differs depending on the level and class of the character. You can learn more about additional parts of equipment on the corresponding pages:

    All types of boots in the game add movement speed.

    Newbie chest

    When player first enter Tales of Pirates game, all characters have a Newbie Chest in their inventory. Newbie Chest provides the character, depending on it's 1st and 2nd class, with armor and weapons for every 5 levels, from 15th to 45th.

    • At level 20, the character gets Heavens berry
    • At level 25, the character gets gloves and boots, depending on the 1st class
    • At level 35, all characters get 2x Acceleration potion (untradeable) and 5x Flash Bomb Lv1 (untradeable)

    Star of Unity is unavailable on the server.

    Equipment Summon Scrolls

    Equipment Summon Scroll gives a random part of equipment for a random class

    When killing monsters and when digging out NSS and OSS the character does not receive equipment directly. Instead, the character gets Equipment Summon Scroll of a certain level (Lv 10-75). When used, the scroll will drop one of the pieces of basic equipment of the corresponding level for any random class. It can be armor, gloves, boots, hat for Ami, weapon or shield.

    Hats for Lance, Phyllis and Carsise

    Hats for Lance, Phyllis and Carsise sold in Argent (2241,2771). They are needed, among other things, so that the hat apparel is displayed on the character.

    Hats for Lance, Phyllis and Carsise can be bought for 5 000 gold from NPC Weird Hat Seller in Argent (2241,2771). Hats have no level or class requirements. Each hat gives +5 defense. These hats are needed, among other things, so that the hat apparels is displayed on the character.

    Dusty chests (Lv 60)

    Dusty chests for each of six classes when opened, give out a random piece of equipment: armor, gloves, boots or weapons.

    • All items from dusty chests can be traded and sold.
    • Some items have a small variation in stats.
    • Champions also can get boots and gloves.
    • Sharpshooter can gets gun, but cannot get bow.

    Where to get Dusty chests (Lv 60)

    Lv 40 unseals

    After completing the 2nd class promotion quest, when opening the last yellow newbie chest, all characters receive an untradeable chest containing untradeable lv 40 unseal equipment for their class.

    Lv 55 unseals

    Level 55 Unseals are equipment which is intended for players who prefer to visit FC and DS. Boots and gloves exist for all classes, including the champion. For sharpshooters, there are both guns and bows.

    Where to get Lv 55 unseals

    How to unseal sealed (inert) equipment (lv 55 unseals)

    To unseal the sealed equipment, you need to go to the NPC Magic Stone Explorer in Argent (2194,2746), select "Inert items", then find the name of the desired Lv 55 unseal. In order for the NPC to give an unseal, the character must have:


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Ingredient Gold
    File:E0694.png Armor of Flame File:S1889.png Inert Armor of Flame 100xS19868.pngInert dust 500 000
    File:E0695.png Gauntlets of the Flame File:S1988.png Inert Gauntlets of the Flame
    File:E0696.png Greaves of the Flame File:S1989.png Inert Greaves of the Flame
    File:W0204.png Dance of the Flame File:S1896.png Inert Dance of the Flame


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Ingredient Gold
    File:E0689.png Tattoo of Cold File:S1886.png Inert Tattoo of Cold 100xS19868.pngInert dust 500 000
    File:T5769.png Heavy Gauntlets of Cold File:S20006.png Inert Heavy Gauntlets of Cold
    File:T5770.png Heavy Greaves of Cold File:S20007.png Inert Heavy Greaves of Cold
    File:W0205.png Roar of Cold File:S1893.png Inert Roar of Cold


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Ingredient Gold
    File:E0686.png Light Cloak of Air File:S1900.png Inert Light Cloak of Air 100xS19868.pngInert dust 500 000
    File:E0687.png Light Gloves of Air File:S1990.png Inert Light Gloves of Air
    File:E0688.png Light Boots of Air File:S1991.png Inert Light Boots of Air
    File:W0206.png Gust File:S1904.png Inert Gust
    File:W0133.png Breeze File:S1099.png Inert Breeze


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Ingredient Gold
    File:E0690.png Light Mountain Mantle File:S1912.png Inert Light Mountain Mantle 100xS19868.pngInert dust 500 000
    File:E0691.png Light Mountain Gloves File:S1993.png Inert Light Mountain Gloves
    File:E0692.png Light Mountain Boots File:S1995.png Inert Light Mountain Boots
    File:W0203.png Light Mountain Staff File:S1908.png Inert Light Mountain Staff

    Seal Master

    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Ingredient Gold
    File:E0678.png Dark Lightning Mantle File:S1918.png Inert Dark Lightning Mantle 100xS19868.pngInert dust 500 000
    File:E0679.png Dark Lightning Gloves File:S1992.png Inert Dark Lightning Gloves
    File:E0680.png Dark Lightning Boots File:S1994.png Inert Dark Lightning Boots
    File:W0202.png Dark Staff of Storms File:S1915.png Inert Dark Staff of Storms


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Ingredient Gold
    File:E0682.png Water Cover File:S1926.png Inert Water Cover 100xS19868.pngInert dust 500 000
    File:E0683.png Heavy Gloves of Water File:S1996.png Inert Heavy Gloves of Water
    File:E0684.png Heavy Boots of Water File:S1997.png Inert Heavy Boots of Water
    File:W0201.png Blade of Water File:S1922.png Inert Blade of Water

    Lv 65 unseals

    Level 65 unseals are equipment for high-level players. Boots and gloves exist for all classes. For sharpshooters, there are both gunss and bows. For champions, there are both one-handed and two-handed swords.

    Where to get Lv 65 unseals

    • Obtain Elemental Stone Chest by killing: Wandering Soul (boss of DW 1) or Snowman Warlord (boss of DW 2). Open the chest and unseal the sealed equipment.
    • Create sealed equipment using crafting.

    How to unseal sealed (exhausted) equipment (lv 65 unseals)

    To unseal the sealed equipment, you need to go to the NPC Magic Stone Explorer in Argent (2194,2746), select "Exhausted Items", then find the name of the desired Lv 65 unseal. In order for the NPC to give an unseal, the character must have:

    • Sealed (exhausted) item
    • Elemental stone tier 2 (according to class)
    • 700k gold

    For more information on how to get each Elemental Stone, see Inert Dust, Inert Stones, and Elemental Stones.


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Elemental stone Gold
    File:e0106.png Magma Armor File:s1890.png Exhausted Magma Armor File:S19879.pngStone of Magma 700 000
    File:w0007.png Magma Surge File:s1897.png Exhausted Magma Surge


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Elemental stone Gold
    File:h0124.png Winter Tattoo File:s1887.png Exhausted Winter Tattoo File:S19872.pngStone of Winter 700 000
    File:w0013.png Bite of Winter File:s1894.png Exhausted Bite of Winter
    File:s20002.png Fang of winter File:s20008.png Exhausted Fang of winter


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Elemental stone Gold
    File:e0119.png Heaven Mantle File:s1901.png Exhausted Heaven Mantle File:S19874.pngStone of Heaven 700 000
    File:w0027.png Heaven Gun File:s1905.png Exhausted Heaven Gun
    File:w0135.png Heaven Bow File:s1100.png Exhausted Heaven Bow


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Elemental stone Gold
    File:e0178.png Peaks Mantle File:s1913.png Exhausted Peaks Mantle File:S19882.pngStone of Peaks 700 000
    File:w0063.png Peaks Staff File:s1909.png Exhausted Peaks Staff

    Seal Master

    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Elemental stone Gold
    File:e0176.png Storm Mantle File:s1919.png Exhausted Storm Mantle File:S19883.pngStone of Storm 700 000
    File:w0062.png Storm Staff File:s1916.png Exhausted Storm Staff


    UNSEAL Sealed equipment Elemental stone Gold
    File:e0152.png Veil of Mist File:s1927.png Exhausted Veil of Mist File:S19881.pngStone of Fog 700 000
    File:w0049.png Blade of Mist File:s1923.png Exhausted Blade of Mist

    How to upgrade unseal boots and gloves from lv 55 to lv 65

    To upgrade boots and gloves, player need the item Chaos blessing for the corresponding class, which can be obtained with some chance by opening the Chaos Purse, which, in turn, can be obtained when opening Chaos Chest (the chest is given to the last to the surviving character in Chaos). Player need to double-click on Blessing, then click with a "hammer" on Lv 55 unnseal boots or gloves, after which they will turn into lv 65 unnseal. After upgrading from lv 55 to lv 65 forged gems and effectiveness of equipment will be saved.

    Class Gloves Boots
    Crusader S9554.png Lv65 Blessed Gauntlets of the Flame S9555.png Lv65 Blessed Greaves of the Flame
    Champion S9576.png Lv65 Blessed Heavy Gauntlets of Cold S9577.png Lv65 Blessed Heavy Greaves of Cold
    Sharpshooter S9556.png Lv65 Blessed Light Gloves of Air S9557.png Lv65 Blessed Light Boots of Air
    Cleric S9559.png Lv65 Blessed Light Mountain Gloves S9561.png Lv65 Blessed Light Mountain Boots
    Seal Master S9558.png Lv65 Blessed Dark Lightning Gloves S9560.png Lv65 Blessed Dark Lightning Boots
    Voyager S9562.png Lv65 Blessed Heavy Gloves of Water S9563.png Lv65 Blessed Heavy Boots of Water

    Lv 80 Boss equipment (BS)

    Box of Valor can be purchased from Argent Secretary - Salvier in Argent (2219,2750) for 15x Kal Runestones

    Lv 80 Boss equipment (BS) is the best equipment at this stage of the game, which consists of armor (torso), weapons and shield.

    How to get lv 80 equipment

    1. Go to Argent Secretary - Salvier in Argent (2219,2750), click "Exchange" and redeem N0320.png /database/items/7481 Box of Valor for 15x F3457.png F3457.png Kal Runestones.
    2. Open N0320.png Box of Valor by double-clicking and get an empty Glorybook.png Book of Valor.
    3. Using Points100.png Valor Points fill the Book to (1500/1500): to do this, double-click on Points100.png Valor Points, then click on the Glorybook.png Book with a hammer.
    4. After the Glorybook.png Book of Valor is full (1500/1500), you need to double-click on it. The book will disappear, and in return the character will randomly receive one piece of equipment.

    Where to get Valor Points

    To get a random piece of BS equipment, you need to completely fill the Book with valor points, which can be obtained from different bosses

    Types of Lv 80 Boss Equipment (BS)


    S11539.png Stone sword of Hermes
    S11540.png Stone Shield of celestial
    N1497.png Hermes Framestone


    S11537.png Stone Sword of Hephaestus (one-handed)
    S11538.png Heavy Stone Sword of Hephaestus (greatsword)
    S11540.png Stone Shield of celestial
    N1493.png Hephaestus Framestone


    S11541.png Stone Bow of Apollo
    S11542.png Stone Gun of Apollo
    N1500.png Apollo Framestone


    S11544.png Stone Staff of Hestia
    N1506.png Hestia Framestone

    Seal Master

    S11545.png Stone Staff of Athena
    N1510.png Athena Framestone


    S11543.png Stone Dagger of Poseidon
    N1502.png Poseidon Framestone

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